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Designing and Evaluating
Software for Serendipity

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Value of Serendipity

Serendipity is known as a vague concept, used by many in different ways. This work package aims to establish a thorough understanding of serendipity in recommender systems. More specifically, we aim to identify the value of serendipity for different stakeholders and in different contexts. 

Graphic Shapes
Graphic Shapes

Data Discoverability on the Web

The current web can be interpreted as a graph where every web page is a node that is connected with each other. But in the current state of things, the connections between those web pages are not semantically understandable by machines. This work package will semantically describe web pages so that a query engine could traverse them, which would leverage the innate serendipity of the web.

Recommender Systems

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Designing and Evaluating 

Together with our project partners, we will implement and evaluate our research outcomes in different use cases. This will allow us to gather empirical insights in how design, contextual and personal factors influence users' experiences of serendipity. 

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