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What is your urban serendipity story? An unexpected encounter with an old friend? A funky jazz band playing at a city square? Any encounter in an urban environment that evoked an experience of serendipity, we would like to hear about. We are collecting urban serendipity stories as experienced by city dwellers anywhere in the world.

Share your story in three easy steps:

1.  Click the link and choose your language (English, Nederlands, French) 🚀

2. Mark the location of your urban serendipity story on the map 📌

3. Write down your story 🖊


Questions? Contact us.

Urban Serendipity Stories is part of the Serendipity Engine research project and coordinated by professor Annelien Smets and Brett Binst (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). The project is supported by the Research Foundation - Flanders and the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies. 

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